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Modular HEPA Filtered Cleanroom Laboratory Suites Modular Clean Room
Clean Rooms, Class 1,000, Class 10,000, Class 100,000, modular, cost effective, relocatable, HEPA Filtered Constructed using modular wall panel design system, sealed clean room suspended ceiling, HEPA filtration Containment Control Systems, engineered to safety control the sampling and weighing of powders
Softwall Clean Rooms CCS Containment Control Systems Quick Ship Modular Clean Rooms
HEPA filtered Class 100 environment. Workstation has clear acrylic side walls, hinge-up front viewing window. Clean Labs,Modular work areas, provide exhaust systems to vent laboratory fume hoods, pre-engineered, HEPA filtered Clean rooms,Modular work areas, provide exhaust systems to vent laboratory fume hoods, pre-engineered, HEPA filtered
Modular HEPA Filtered Clean Rooms

• Where critical levels of cleanliness must be maintained, HEMCO Modular UniLab pre-engineered modular system offers a cost-effective alternative to conventional construction while providing quality, durability and modular clean room performance.

•HEMCO Modular UniLab modulars are movable and expandable and to provide years of usability and versatility.

•HEMCO Modular clean room wall systems can interface with the modular clean room floor, ceiling and mechanical components to provide a clean workspace that maintains optimum airflow, pressure, temperature, humidity and cleanliness.

• HEMCO Modular clean rooms can also be free standing structures, independent of the surrounding area. Rooms can be engineered to meet special size requirements.

• At HEMCO, we understand your needs. Modular construction allows fast, easy installation as well as design flexibility to meet your changing needs without sacrificing quality.

  Modular Clean Lab
  Modular Clean Room, Class 100,000

Experience you can depend on

•Since 1958, HEMCO has been manufacturing quality laboratory equipment. We can provide the modular clean room furnishings, and certification to meet your specifications.

•HEMCO Modular clean room systems are built to your exact specifications to ensure optimal performance. Pre-engineered modular design minimizes construction costs and delays.

Clean Lab

Modular clean room, Class 100, with airlock HEPA Filtered

Compounding Modular clean room, Class 1000, with filtered airlock, HEPA Filtered

Calibration Clean room, Class 10,000 HEPA Filtered

Construction Features

•Wall and ceiling panels are chemical resistant,smooth and non-porous for easy cleaning and decontamination. Panel surfaces can be constructed of fiberglass, stainless steel, coated steel or aluminum.

•Convenient access to HEPA filters and lighting allows them to be serviced from inside the room.

•Special airlocks, gowning areas and pass-through can be designed into the modular clean lab.


Concept to Completion

•HEMCO’s experienced technical staff will gladly assist in the design and engineering of your clean room from concept to completion.

•Technical staff will work closely with you to answer questions or suggest solutions, helping to develop a modular clean room to your exact specifications. Download a HEMCO Modular clean lab / Clean room specification planner (bottom of this page).

Laboratory Suites  
Innovative Modular Clean Rooms and Labs  
Clean Lab  

Modular HEPA Filtered Clean Room
HEMCO modular work areas are designed to maintain Class 1000 to Class 100,000 environments and also provide exhaust systems to vent laboratory fume hoods and equipment. The pre-engineered modular room system is cost effective, time efficient and a clean alternative to standard construction.


Complete HVAC systems that recirculate or are single-pass can be supplied. Lab furniture layouts, including cabinets, countertops, sinks, fume hoods and utility services, can be designed to meet your specifications. The modular wall panels feature a composite resin surface that is modular clean lab compatible and chemical resistant.

Compounding Room  

Compounding & Filling Modular Clean Room
Specifically designed to meet the requirements of USP 797, which dictates pharmaceutical compounding procedures. Rooms are built to
your size and layout requirement, typically including an airlock filling area and chemo area.

USP797 Modular clean room features Class 10,000 clean conditions. Modular construction allows for onsite installation. System includes aluminum structural framework, ceiling HEPA filters, modular clean room fluorescent lights, grills and airflow monitors.

Softwall HEPA Filtered Clean Rooms  
Softwall Clean lab  

Softwall HEPA Filtered Modular Clean Rooms
HEMCO Softwall Modular clean rooms provide a versatile, reliable and flexible solution for budget-sensitive and specific need requirements. The clear vinyl curtains can be strip or solid, allowing access where desired. HEPA filtration can be engineered to meet Class 100 to Class 100,000. The airflow is single-pass.

Optional static dissipative curtains are available and casters can be supplied allowing the softwall modular clean lab to be moved. Softwall modular clean rooms are offered in standard sizes of 6’x 4’, 8’x 4’, 8’x 8’, 8’x 12’, 8’x 16’, 12’x 12’ and 12’x 16’. HEMCO also builds to meet your size and design needs.

CCS Containment Control Systems  

CCS Containment Control Systems
Engineered to safely control the sampling and weighing of powders
to meet FDA, COSSH and GPM requirements. Available in class 100
to class 100,000 environments that are negative to the surrounding
area to ensure containment.

Containment booth is available either unitized (shipped assembled) or modular (assembled in the field) construction. Clear vinyl strips allow for easy pallet/drum access. Lighting, fans and controls are included. Optional casters are available for mobile applications. Standard sizes are 6’ x 4’, 6’ x 6’, 8’ x 4’ and 8’ x 6’. Other sizes can be built to exact needs.

  CCS for Quick Shipping
Quick Ship Modular Clean Rooms

HEMCO Modular Clean Room Structures are innovative, pre-engineered modular laboratory workspaces with HEPA filtered supply air, built to your exact process, size and design requirements, for ventilation and safety.

4’ X 8’ QC Lab w/base floor


8’ X 12’ Calibration Lab

10’ X 16’ Clean Room


Modular Labs and Applications • Industrial Quality Control Laboratory
Hazardous Materials Testing
CMM/Calibration Lab
Controlled Environment Rooms
Designated Control Rooms
Additional Lab Space


As technologies change, companies need facilities that can immediately be put into use or quickly adapt with a minimum amount of installation, time, and cost.

The Modular Clean Room features a pre-engineered modular wall panel system that is a cost effective and time efficient alternative to traditional construction. It gives you a fully equipped, high quality enclosure that is easily expanded or relocated as needs change. Determine where the room should be located, assemble the Modular Clean Room, connect services and start your process.


The Modular Clean Room can fit a wide range of applications. Wall panel options are available to meet thermal, chemical resistance, sound, and fire control requirements. Room roof panels can offer load bearing capacity and suspended ceiling systems are available for pressurized overhead supply plenum.

Complete environmental control systems can be supplied to meet your precise specifications. Temperature, humidity, room pressure, and variable exhaust control packages are engineered into a convenient and versatile control panel.

Modular Clean Rooms can be shipped knocked-down to fit through a standard doorway for easy on-site erection. If desired, it can be shipped pre-assembled for turnkey operation complete with laboratory fume hoods, furniture, and all component equipment to meet your laboratory requirements.

You can detail your specific requirement on our convenient specification planner.


Room Construction Features: wall panels are Class A and are mounted into a 3” clear anodized aluminum framing. Standard wall panels are 48”w x 120”h x 3” thick and are constructed with a foam core sealed between 1/2” gypsum and surfaced with chemical resistant composite resin panels with smooth white finish.

T-Grid Ceiling System:1-1/2” Aluminum ceiling grid with white painted finish positioned 8’ above floor. Includes all connectors, suspension hardware to hang from corrugated steel roof deck.

Mylar Ceiling Panels: have sealed edges for spaces not occupied by fan filter units or light fixtures.

Entry Door: (1) 36” W X 80” H Door with viewing window, passage lever and hinges & lock.

Windows:Nominal 46” W X 39” H tempered glass, double glazed, flush mounted in an anodized aluminum frame.(optional windows can be added to meet your specs)

Lighting: LED light fixtures, Class I Div I & Class II Div II to suit specifications.

Single-Pass Design: Ambient surrounding air is drawn into the Clean Room Fan Filter Units at the ceiling level. The filtered air passes into the clean lab and is transferred out of the room through either the fume hood or general exhaust grills. Room is clean but under slight negative pressure.

HEPA Filters: 2’ X 4’ Fan Filter units, 115V with 99.99% HEPA Filter, variable speed control and all other standard specifications.

HEPA Filtered Supply Air: 2’ X 4’ Fan Filter units, Module features a 99.99% efficient.@ 0.3 micron HEPA filter with, 90 FPM @ initial 0.47 w.g., 115v low watt A/C, 60Hz 1ph, includes prefilter, on/off/variable speed control, powder coated steel housing.


Clean Aire In-Line Carbon Filtration Exhaust Air : Filters are loaded with virgin coconut activated carbon to efficiently absorb organic solvents and acid fumes. The filter pak housing features a hinged access door with gaskets and spring latches for convenient filter changes.


Exhaust Blowers: Standard (STD) belt drive steel blower and impeller wheel are epoxy coated for superior chemical resistance. Explosion-proof blowers (EXP) have epoxy coated, non-sparking aluminum impeller wheel. V-belt drive and adjustable pulleys permit field balancing.

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