Vented Demonstration Hoods
The HEMCO Vented Demonstration Hood effectively removes fumes and odors while providing a clear, unobstructed view of the interior
from all sides. The Vented Demonstration hood is designed for classroom and group observation situations.

• Model 53001 Vented Demonstration Hood

• Dimensions 36” wide X 24” deep X 30” high

• Viewing height is 24” through the clear acrylic, shatterproof side and rear panels. Experiments can be safely viewed from the sides and back.

• Sash can be a hinged viewing sash or horizontal sliding sash, both allow easy access.

• The motor housing is chemical resistant, flame retardant fiberglass, the integral motor blower with front mounted switch is designed to be 115 volt / 60 Hertz and provide 120 CFM at 0.4” static pressure.

• Power cord provided for immediate operation

• Must be connected to an exhaust system.

• Work access area should be 80 -100 fpm face velocity.

• Equipped with vapor proof light and switch

Catalog Number
Demonstration Hood Full vision hood 36"w x 24"d x 30"h is ideal for classroom and group demonstrations. Experiments are viewed from all sides through clear shatterproof acrylic walls. Hood includes light, blower, switches 115 volt.
Mobile Table Welded steel construction 35"w x 24"d x 30" to 36" adjustable height, with swivel casters - two lockable
Flex Duct Chemical resistant flex ducting 3" dia. x 12' long. Includes stainless steel clamps.
3" Vent Outlet
Demonstration Hood with Mobile Table
Quick Connect

Quick Connect
3 inch diameter. Connects exhaust duct to the flexible ducting's. Connect is constructed out of polyglass with swing lock arms for quick release and a tight seal

Cat. No. 50130

Flexable Ducting

Flexible Ducting
Constructed from PVC material,includes stainless steel clamps. Shipped in 12’ lengths.
Cat. No. 80047

PVC Vent Outlet

PVC Vent Outlet
Outlet is for horizontal venting through a wall or
window. Angled end prevents rain from entering.
male connector is included. Connects to 3” flex
ducting. Cat. No. 80073

  Vented Demo Hood
Optional Table:  

Mobile Table
The table is adjustable from 30 to 36 inches in height. Is is of welded steel construction with a phenolic work surface. Table comes complete with swivel casters, two of which are lockable.

Cat. No. 50318

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