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iso ul New UL UniFlow Fume Hoods
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Educational Products SE AireStream EnviroMax Enclosures UniMax
Educational Products UniFlow SE AireStream EnviroMax Enclosures UniMax Large Walk-In
Fume Hoods & Enclosures for Education, Ductless Demo, Dual Entry High efficiency, designed for energy savings and maximum user protection Enclosures for Robotics & Automated Processes, HEPA or exhaust system For synthesis, distillation & apparatus, optional fire suppresion system
Filter Pak Perchloric Acid Hood Canopy Hood Emergency Showers
In-Line Filter Paks Perchloric Acid Hoods Canopy Hoods Emergency Showers

Carbon or HEPA In-Line Filter Pak for removal of particulate & chemical fumes.

For the Safe handling of Perchloric Acids in Laboratory procedures.

Island & Wall Canopy hoods, Composite or Stainless Steel construction Emergency Shower Decontamination Booths full body shower & eye/face wash
UniFlow LE Lab Spaces Modular Clean Lab
UniFlow LE Fume Hoods UniLine Laboratory Casework UniLab Modular Clean Labs
High efficiency, full duy hood. Energy savings, intrinsically safe. UniLine Cabinets, Floor, Wall, Acid, Flammable,Worksurfaces,constructed of Epoxy, Phenolic Resin, & Stainless Steel. Modular construction, easily expanded & relocated for Lab Planning needs
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