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iso ul New UL UniFlow Fume Hoods
Table Top Fume Hoods

Model 24015, Class 1 ductless hood workstation with activated carbon filtration for fumes, odors, non-hazardous chemical vapors. Size 24” wide X 15” deep X 24” high

1. Ideal for small applications of non-hazardous fumes.
2. Side wall panels reduce cross drafts providing a turbulant free work area.
3. The light weight chemical resistant composite construction, enables this unit to be easily transported from one location to another.
4. Hood includes a composite resin work surface with dished interior to contain spillage.
5. Typical Applications include, Sample Weighing Stations, Histology, Student Work Stations, Handling Pharmaceuticals Micro Scope Stations, Hot Plate Venting, Micro press.
Cat. No. 24015
6. Filter should be changed every 3-4 months depending on volume of chemicals filtered.
Shown with optional Safety shield  
Model 24000 Table Top vented hood workstation features a molded seamless construction, including rear and side walls to minimize cross drafts in the work area.
Dimensions are 24” wide X 15” deep X 24” high
1. Constructed of chemical resistant, light weight advanced composites, it can be easily moved as procedures or workflow change
2. Molded chemical resistant work surface is recessed to contain spillage, and a three inch diameter outlet collar is provided for duct connection.
3. Fumes are vented through the integral fume side and rear walls and out the top. Cross drafts are reduced, thus providing a turbulence free work area.
4. The units base consists of an integral recessed work surface to contain spillage.
5. Typical uses include, Histology, Microprocessor, Venting for Hot Plates, Microscope Stations, Student workstations, Sample weighing stations, and handling Pharmaceuticals. Cat. No. 24000
Table Top Fume Hood Solutions

Flexible Ducting

3” Diameter Flex ducting with stainless steel clamps, in 12’ lengths
Exhaust Blower Mounts to wall or table. Epoxy coated steel housing and wheel, 135 CFM @ .3”sp, 3” dia inlet and outlet, includes mounting bracket
Vent Outlet For through the wall or window venting. 3” dia., constructed of PVC duct with acrylic mounting plate
Clear Hinged Safety Shield

Provides extra protection for user, size 6” X 6” X 11” (fits model 24000)

Vapor Proof Light Factory installed with a 6” power cord and switch. 115V U.L. listed
24000 w sheild
24000 w/ Safety Shield
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