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iso ul New UL UniFlow Fume Hoods

Laboratory Fume Hoods


UniFlow SE AireStream

UniFlow AireStream Laboratory Fume Hoods.. UniMax Floor Mount Hoods
High efficiency, full duty fume hood in 48”, 60” 72” & 96” widths. Fume hoods are designed for energy savings & user protection.

UniFlow Bench Mount and Floor Mount hoods with over 40 standard sizes and custom sizes to your specs. UniFlow Superstructure exclusive unitized dual wall construction for total chemical resistance, strength, and durability. Performance tested to ASHRAE 110 - 1995. U.L.1805 Classified for Fume Hoods & Cabinets, & SEFA1 Recommended Practices for Fume Hoods...

Widths from 6 foot to 24 foot wide and heights from 8 foot to 12 foot high. Can be shipped disassembled for on-site assembly.
UniFlow SE AireStream UniFlow LE AireStream UniFlow CE AireStream UniFlow SE Floor Mount
Fume Hoods UL 1805 classified Fume Hoods UL 1805 classified Fume Hoods UL 1805 classified Laboratory Fume Hoods
    Lab Planning Solutions    
Acid Storage Cabinets Lab Planning Solutions Emergency Showers
For storage of Acid and corrosive chemicals. Molded one piece fiberglass liner. • SEFA 8 compliant UniLine Laboratory casework • UL Classified
UniFlow Laboratory Fume Hoods • Epoxy Lab Tops & Lab Ventilation systems
Delivers immediate full body shower. Eye/face wash with positive stay open valves.
SEFA Compliant Cabinets Enterprise Grouping Voyager Grouping Canopy Hoods
    EnviroMax Enclosures    
Vented Exhaust Enclosures EnviroMax Enclosures Laminar Flow Enclosures
Unitized & Modular designs for exhausting fumes from automated processes Vented Exhaust enclosures, HEPA filtered Laminar Flow Enclosures, Bio Equipment Enclosures, Custom worksurfaces & bench stands, Enclosure accesories. Unitized or Modular designs for Class 100 Clean Work Enclosures
  Modular Clean Labs  
Modular Clean Lab Softwall Clean Rooms Containment Control Systems HEPA Filtered Clean Labs
HEMCO Proprietary Brand Names
UniFlow Laboratory Fume Hoods   UniMax Hoods & Enclosures   Lab Planning Solutions  
SE AireStream Fume Hoods   HazMax Enclosures   UniLine Laboratory Casework  
LE AireStream Fume Hoods   EnviroMax Enclosures   Emergency Safety Showers  
CE AireStream Fume Hoods   Clean Aire I & II Hoods   Acrylic Vented Enclosures  
UniFlow SE Walk-In Hoods   Clean Aire Filtration   VSE Vented Safety Enclosures  
UniFlow LE Walk-In Hoods   Canopy Hoods      
UniFlow SE Dual Entry   CCS Containment Control Systems   Safety First  
UniFlow LE Dual Entry   CMM Rooms   5 Year Warranty  
Auxiliary Aire Fume Hoods   Modular Clean Labs   HEMCO Modular Construction  
Perchloric Acid Fume Hoods   Soft Wall Clean Rooms   HEMCO Unitized Construction  
HDPE Acid Digestion Hoods   MicroFlow I Workstations   AireStream Baffle System  
Polypro Trace Metals Hoods   MicroFlow II Workstation   VaraFlow Baffle System  
Radioisotope Fume Hoods   MicroFlow III Workstation   Plan-A-Lab  
UniFlow SE Fume Hoods   VSE Vented Safety Enclosures   Plan-A-Hood  
UniFlow LE Fume Hoods   24000 Workstation   Universal Fume Hoods  
UniFlow CE Fume Hoods   Acrylic Vented Enclosures   EcoFlow Hoods  
Demonstration Hoods          
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